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TappyOka is an innovative patron and wait staff ordering system with restaurant POS that revolutionizes the dining experience as well as significantly enhances the operator’s ability to manage and market their business on premise. The system comes with five intuitive modules for the restaurant kitchen, the wait staff and the guests. All modules are highly customizable and work across platforms seamlessly. The solution can be deployed across a variety of hardware options, and is available for both iOS and Android, giving operators the flexibility to adopt a solution that resonates with their incumbent business model.

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Storluv brings your local stores to your mobile.

Browse the latest arrivals from your favourite local store, chat with a knowledgeable salesperson and make purchases, all from the comfort of your smartphone. Introducing Storluv, your local mobile shopping application. With a Storluv account, become equipped with the best local shopping intel and access to exclusive store offers. Discover fashion, jewellery and accessories from the celebrated stores in Hyderabad, from anywhere in the world.

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Now Home Automation is easy, simple and affordable.

Control your home no matter where you are and free your mind from the routines of managing your home with Pert. It is in the final stages of development and will begin shipping in spring 2014. Pre-Order a beta version.

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We Are Hyderabad

It was a one-fine-(late)-evening when we’d met all delivery deadlines. While we generally got philosophical and high and wondered upon the aggregate consciousness of the universe deriving from each individual’s (read ours), we suddenly thought of our intellectual neighbours.

Inspired by We are NY Tech, this website is an action resulting from that concern, an attempt to introduce the intellectual capital of Hyderabad to each other and the otherwise on a single platform.

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Aren't you bored of using weather apps that contained glossy images and too much of data? We present you a minimalistic weather app which just shows the right information that you want.
Tap on the city name to launch settings. The app supports multiple themes and an option to change between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
Shake the device to update weather manually!

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