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What’s new in Android Studio 3.0 Part-I

Android studio 3.0 is finally ready for download in the stable channel. It brings about many improvements that experience developers smoother, but also some important changes that might require attention. Android studio 3 is the first release in which Google developers added Kotlin support out of the box

Kotlin programming language

Kotlin is a front end  expressive language that has grown popular with android development

This release of 3.0 is the first milestone of bundles that were supported by Kotlin language inside the IDE. Most of the developers’ favorite features such as code completion and syntax highlighting work well this release and they said that they will continue to improve the remaining editor features in an upcoming release. Anyone can choose to add Kotlin to your project using the built-in conversion tool found under the Code → Convert Java File to Kotlin File, or even app developers from now can create a Kotlin enabled project with the New Project Wizard.

Java 8

Thanks to the high entry upper built with existing Java code, you can now immediately start using it in your apps. We continue to support that Java programming language and the newest android Gradle plugins were enabling developers to use Java 8 language features and they’re called libraries. With the migration to a javac based toolchain, using Java 8 language features in your project is even easier.

Gradle 3.0

With a new android gradle plugged version 3, it also brings performance enhancements through the build process. Such as the laid dependency resolution, more incremental Dex sink, and faster sink types, this release also brings the variant to the variance for library modules which unfortunately meant developers have to make some breaking changes to the gradle 3.0. So it’s good enough to follow the migration steps in the documentation when switching to 3.0. Especially developers with large module projects would see a significant decrease in building times with these changes.

Incremental Build improvements

Studying with this release, 3.0 is switching to an  AAPT2 for research processing, which enables more incremental and parallelized builds and even some potential size savings in the resource file without any change requires to a project. Thanks to the automatic version collapsing, resources deduplication and supports for sparse configuration.

XML Fonts & Downloadable fonts

Developers have added support for font resources which you can now create and preview in the font resources folder. The layout editor also lets you pick fonts from the google fonts catalog and attach them to your project.


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