Differences between UI,UX

UX is not UI, difference between UX and UI

Maybe you are going to get your first Web application for your website. Or maybe you’re going to build your first  Mobile application. In any of the cases, probably you might have overheard the discussions about the great UX of a product, or the poor UI design of a website. What all these acronyms UX and UI?

But, what exactly are those people talking about? What actually is the difference between User Interface Design (UI Design) and User Experience Design (UX Design)? So let’s dive deep into these and find what really these UX and UI means?


Acronyms unveiled

Generally, from the people you have heard about these UX and UI are they’re actually discussing two professions in designing.

UX design means User Experience Design, whereas UI stands for User Interface Design. Here, both the designs have their specific priorities when it comes to designing digital products like Web Applications & Mobile applications. Even though both UX design and UI designs work closely together, but they are quite different, as they have very different purposes when it comes to designing.

What is UX design?

ux design

With the development of the internet, User Experiences (UX) has become a prime objective for most of the tech companies like Google, facebook etc.

UX Design is the process of increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty by focusing on the ease of use as well as improving the overall pleasure in the interaction between the customer and the product.

This implies that regardless of its medium, UX Design encompasses any and all interactions between a potential or active customer and a company. As a design process, it could be applied to anything — cars, software as service, web development and so on.


Good UX design focuses on the interactive side of the product, how it behaves, such as a box sliding out, and how people might interact with it, such as where they will click first. UX handles the architecture of the content and the sitemap.

What is User Interface Design?

ui design

User Interface Design is difficult to answer because of its wide-ranging variety of interpretations. While User Experience is an amalgamation of tasks focused on optimisation of a product for effective and pleasant use, User Interface Design is the look, feel and interactivity of a product. But like UX, it is easily and often confused by the industries that employ UI Designers.

For example, if you look at job posts for User Interface Design, you will find interpretations of the profession that are taking to graphic design. Sometimes including branding design and front-end development.

Similar to User Experience Design, User Interface Design is a multi-faceted and complex role. It is responsible for the transference of a product’s development, research, content, and layout into an attractive, guiding and responsive experience for users. However, unlike UX, UI is a strictly digital profession.

Despite being a design term, its use since inception has been almost entirely within the online or digital industry, possibly due to these industries gaining momentum simultaneously at the time of the term’s use.


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