ways to improve market presence of mobile app development company

Tips For Mobile Apps Agencies To Improve Market Presence

It’s so common for most of the small and young budding app developing agencies struggling to gain the market presence as there are a number of app development companies have emerged already and there is a tough competition. But there are some tips for these young budding app developing agencies to gain market presence and if you’re one of those & it will be for you. Focus on your strengths & skills It’s  a great idea to develop apps for many domains & departments. But focusing on too many domains at once can surely lead to a lapse in focus by the team and results in poor quality products being delivered in case of small and young companies. So for companies like small and young, it’s always better to choose and work on domains in which your teams has skills. Does your team excel in e-commerce apps? Then emphasize it. If your team specializes in games, then show it. It seems great to work with multiple domains to get a wider client exposure, but focusing on your strengths and skills will definitely work best in the long run. Work for Client      It sounds pretty common on hearing clients satisfaction, but it’s a key element to consider. You have to make sure your client should know that your team is working with client’s interests & requirements in mind. Let your client know that your team is striving to deliver a product of the utmost quality. First of all, developers should understand the client’s requirements clearly and should make the client feel like their interests are same as the client’s interests.


Build an online presence Building a visually appealing and responsive website is very important to attract potential clients towards your company. Thus enhance your products online presence as much as possible by displaying them on your company’s website and other online media platforms.

Exhibit your previous works

A Company’s history of accomplishments is like an individual’s resume. By showcasing your previous works and list of clients you have gives future clients trust and boasts a sense of security in their minds. This makes customers and clients have confidence on your works. By showcasing your previous works on your websites and medias can show a positive impact on gaining market presence.

Highlight your core values

Ethics, values, morals etc. all these words may sound very boring, but they are all must have & one should adopt these. Because here’s a question for you, would you trust somebody who is in a shady background, especially with your hard earned money and works? Chances are less and you wouldn’t risk because it’s about your hard earned money and business which are very important things for you. The same goes here with clients who are searching for quality services and products in markets. And these ethics and morals you have will make your strong and can help gaining clients trust. So highlighting these ethics, values, and morals will show your client that you are working with strong ethical moral values and again these core values reassure them they are in good hands.

Target audience

It is not like “One-size-fits-all” we cannot use this most famous phrase here because here everyone is unique and different. So needs and requirements are also different from person to person and business to business. It’s very important to know about target audience. Without identifying your target audience you cannot hit your target sales and services. Make sure while targeting particular audience because your audience and your products or services offered should match as per your skills, strengths.

Strive for quality over quantity

Show the difference between quality and quantity. Even though your company is small and young you should choose quality over quantity. Because quality is the only thing that makes you stand out of the crowd of competitors. So make sure a quality product is delivered to one or a small pool of clients rather than trying to cater to many clients at the same time. Your quality products delivered will help you in developing a brand image.


Make sure there is uniformity of your products among different platforms. Whether it is IOS or Android and even Windows platform your products should be same on all platforms, from functionality and look point of views product should be same on all platforms. Because some products may vary on changing platforms. Some apps are having variations in their interfaces, appearances while changing platforms.

Use Social media

Regardless of size, every company, every organization should have the social media strategy in their space. Because company itself is the only thing that can tell greatly about it, but no other people outside can tell about its products and services. You can even use social media like Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Linkedin etc. For getting more market presence.

Hear customer feedback

At the first stage of your previous app release, listen closely to your customer’s feedback. Regularly read reviews published over previous apps on AppStore, websites, social networking sites etc. All these reviews help how they are feeling about your products and services and it’s an opportunity to understand how clients and customers are perceiving your products and services.
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