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Guidelines for getting your dream website


Web site! Maybe you are thinking about having your first one made. Or maybe yet, you just need a new, better one. In any case, you should know at least some of the basics about Web Designing and no worries, it will only take a few things you should get clear.

First of all, let’s understand that a website is the core view of online marketing activities. If you look at all the marketing channels and techniques, what actually they do is bring visitors to this website, and the main purpose of this website is turning these visitors into customers, in marketing terms this is called conversions. A bad website will basically cause you to waste your money on other marketing methods because you don’t need more visitors if you can’t turn them into your customers. So the better your website is, the more visitors are converting into your customers, and in return which makes your business grow.

Many people in the industry call themselves web designers, but they really are just a bunch of geeks with some basic coding knowledge. Of Course, without much planning, these geeks will pretty quickly create a website for you with lots of information about your business, services, products along with photos, contact details, even photos, videos and other appropriate data. But the question is, is that the way to turn visitors into customers? Is that all you need.  Our Answer is simple. No, cause you need more than you think.

Well! Then what you have to do is to take some stuff into concentration which gives a brief understanding of your dream website while designing your ideal website.


It is the first phase of entire web design which means it’s all about gathering information and identifying things like the aim of the website and purpose, it has to serve which should be clear to you and the designers as well. You can set goals just based on your aim & purpose of designing website. Later your purpose determines the target audience, which makes you take critical decisions.

Target audience & the market

You should know who you are trying to reach, before your design starts, and knowing yours is vital because every business has a target market and specific set of audience. The design of the website must make sense for the set of visitors, probably who will become your customer in the future, the business wants to target. So knowing your audience will help you present information in a suitable manner to the interest that audience.


Cramming too much irrelevant data into your website creates confusion for visitors. Which in turn causes visitors to get frustrated when they have to scan through rows of links and images to find what they are looking for. By keeping your pages simple, your website will be easier to use.


Spending some time to research the best color options will give positive effects. Because colors have the ability to evoke some emotional responses, by its nature like calm, happiness, or frustration etc. So it’s better to take enough time while choosing colors, as they send your branding, type of impression while engaging straight with the visitors. Picking some random colors at the time of designing is not a wise thing. If you want to elevate your brand, then you may choose bright and spunky colors or if you want to make a pleasing impression then calming blue like colors will helpful.


Simple and intuitive navigation is a must for any website because for any user on your site it is crucial for finding what they’re looking for. In case of that, your website is confusing and difficult to navigate, your visitors may leave and never return. An ideal website is one in which, navigation makes effortless for visitors. Actually, people don’t read entire pages, they scan, this is because, in most of the cases, they visit your website just for a piece of information. So it’s imperative to create links that are explicitly clear, prominently placed, and simple to understand. Thanks to our experienced developers and SEO experts who help to make websites easy for almost any viewer to navigate quickly.


For any website content is king. Just because beautiful designs, simple & friendly UI/UX designs only doesn’t make a website succeed. It’s the content that makes your website unique and boosts traffic and encourages your business. Make sure to have your own, unique and informative content on your site that makes worth visiting for users. Because an ideal website is one which has both great design and great content.

Loading speed

Website loading speeds are very important while delivering user experience. In most of the cases, chances are very less for staying visitors when webpages are loading more than 3 seconds. So it’s better to make your website load pretty quickly, mostly 3-3.5 seconds. While most of the visitors are impatient and no visitor can stay on the same website more than that time. Furthermore, streamlining website loading speed, it’s better to eliminate unnecessary or underperforming pages in order to decrease load time while improving the quality of your brand’s online presence.

Responsive design

Responsive websites change sizes or orientations based on visitors viewing device screen sizes like from a desktop to smallest smartphones. Year over year, the smartphones are taking more space over desktop computers and even laptops. Browsing the website on a smartphone makes more convenient for users or visitors while on the go. So here responsive design matters a lot. Since most of all traffic comes from smartphones these days and so responsive web design commands these days.

As per the Google’s latest algorithm, your site should be mobile friendly. Otherwise, Google will punish it by lowering in search results.


The functionality of the website is the most interactive part for users and visitors, as it allows visitors to respond in some way, thus converting visitors into your customers etc. While thinking about functionality, there are few things to consider. The main objective of functionality for any website is to make sure whether all its features, information, contact forms, surveys and customer feedback- contact sections etc. are working properly?

From functional orientation, you have to make sure that all website features, functions are working properly without any hitch while making everything at ease for visitors.

Domain name

The most common mistake people often do while designing website is choosing a proper domain name. Domain commonly called as Website URL or address should match with your brand or company name so that people can easily remember you and will visit again. Because websites are all about branding. For your business progression and elevating brand, your domain name should be as easy to remember and to spell for the visitors.


Gone are the days of the mantra ‘if you build it, they will come’ that worked for websites at that time in 90’s– but it no longer does. Because this is 2017 that there are millions of websites on the Internet, it becomes very imperative for any company or business individual that runs website have to ensure that their website ranks high in search engine results and is easy to find.

This is where the SEO Search Engine Optimization comes in. It’s the job of SEO to make your website rank in the first page and by this people will find your website by optimising your website with updating content, adding appropriate links etc. According to the Google’s latest search engine algorithms. If people can’t find your website, then it’s all of waste your money, time you’ve invested in building. As without having traffic, i.e. when people not finding your website and considerably you wouldn’t have visitors, no customers, and of course no business.

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