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What does it take to build an On Demand Services app like Uber?

  These days On-Demanding business like Laundrykart, GreyTicket, parking, Cab & Taxi booking, home cleaning, etc. are a booming business because mostly these services are radically a different way of services; unlike trending products and services which require a new market, these On-demand  services want to be more efficient with some daily tasks so that […]

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Snapchat Newest Updates & Features

  A few days back Snap, Inc announced a new update on their image and multimedia mobile application i.e. Snapchat! In this Snapchat newest update & features, they’ve focused on bringing even more personalized experience for their users. As of now and before this update almost social media has been mixing the content of both […]

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What are new features in Android Studio 3.0 Part-II

Adaptive Icon package This package creates a set of launcher icon assets and provides previews of how your adaptive icon will look with different launcher screen icon masks. And the new thing with this release is its support for Vector Drawable layers. Google’s Maven Repo In order to make it easier for app developers to […]

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What’s new in Android Studio 3.0 Part-I

Android studio 3.0 is finally ready for download in the stable channel. It brings about many improvements that experience developers smoother, but also some important changes that might require attention. Android studio 3 is the first release in which Google developers added Kotlin support out of the box Kotlin programming language Kotlin is a front […]

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UX is not UI, difference between UX and UI

Maybe you are going to get your first Web application for your website. Or maybe you’re going to build your first  Mobile application. In any of the cases, probably you might have overheard the discussions about the great UX of a product, or the poor UI design of a website. What all these acronyms UX […]

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