android studio 3.0 new features part-II

What are new features in Android Studio 3.0 Part-II

Adaptive Icon package

This package creates a set of launcher icon assets and provides previews of how your adaptive icon will look with different launcher screen icon masks. And the new thing with this release is its support for Vector Drawable layers.

Google’s Maven Repo

In order to make it easier for app developers to set up and maintain CI servers, they have also launched a Google maven repository. It is a place where developers distribute google build artifacts. You can start using it by adding the maven repo URL to the greater files.

Build speed improvements

Debugging performance problems with your apps is also about to get a lot better.

Thanks to the new unified android profiler and studio, lets you inspect CPU, memory and network usage and include a single timeline that also shows important app events, such as key presses, tabs, and rotations. With advanced profiling, you can record CPU traces, track object allocation and dig into heap thumbs in the memory profiler, and this is completely new by the way, you can show a request and response information and payloads for HTTP calls that were made using one of the supports at the clients.

Proxy Support in Android

In order to use a proxy for accessing the Internet, developers have added a user interface to manage the HTTP proxy settings used by the emulator. For now, 3.0 is supporting HTTP URL connections and okay HTTP as well as any client using these under the hood.

APK debugging

A few writing C/C++ code in another IDE or perhaps you’re using another tool such as game engine toolkits to build apk, You can now use the android studio nativity debugger with your app. Open the app apk for debugging attach the debug symbols, resources. And you will be able to step through the code just like in-app developed with the studio.

Instant app build

Android studio 3.0 is the first release to support the creation of instant apps from your android projects There are 2 new module types known as the Instant app and Feature app. Together with a new refracting system, they help modularize your app. While the appling assistance, help in the setup, that necessary appling support.

Improved apk analyzer

If you run into problems When testing instant app builds, Google developers have updated the apk analyzer to open zip bundles. But, that’s not all. Apk analyses Dex viewer, now supports loading project mapping files to show removed and retained classes. And can generate project keep roles. It also has an improved user interface showing dex code sizes, lets you explore method usages, inspect bytecode and supports multi dex. Starting with built tools 26.0 now you can also get all this feature in a brand new command line version of the apk analyzer which is great for generating reports and tracking apk size regressions on a CI server.


When working with layouts you can now iterate faster using the in the layout editor and layout inspect which are both getting some updates. The Editor includes a new error panel showing problems such as missing constraints and supports new constraint layout features such as barriers groups enhance chains creation  And the inspector received a UI refresh and a quick search for the properties list and view tree.

Open GL ES 3.0

If you need to pull files from a device or from an emulator try the device file explorer. A much more user-friendly way to browse connected file system than using ADB from the command line. 3.0 also have some important improvements in the android emulator since the last release of Android studio and that includes new system images for play store open GL ES 3.0 compatibility a proxy setting page and a bug reporting tool.

There are many many things to play with the release android studio 3.0. Have fun exploring.

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