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Is that necessary to get regular maintenance for your app?


Have you deployed your developed app into the store? So whats next? Developing an application and deploying it into the store doesn’t mean the end of the deal, it’s just the beginning of the really big things. After completion of your app development, the next thing you probably have to do is head back to the drawing board.

For the better running and delivering of services or products, you want to hear the feedback from your customers, have to monitor your app performance, security, improvements, user experience etc. If you want to engage your customers, make your business success, you should constantly improve your business app according to the trends and technologies.

Constantly engaging with customers is a big challenge. From recent reports, BI found that more than half of users will uninstall the app within 3 months due to proper upkeep and lack of mobile app maintenance. Your mobiles applications can make deals or they can break the deals.

Now that seems like a big deal, right? Because of more than half of your audience possibly at risk, meanwhile mobile app maintenance seems like a no-brainer for most of the app developers. But, sadly this is not the case, from reports it is found that only 30% of developers update their app every month.

How app maintenance?

Imbibing new technologies

Another explanation for needing to fully upkeep your mobile application is, the velocity of new innovation creation we are finding in the versatile business. Everything from expanded ‘augmented reality, virtual reality’  to ‘internet of things’ includes a place inside your versatile business methodology and part of the upkeep procedure ought to fuse them when suitable.

For example, IoT gadgets are ending up more typical than any other time in recent memory. On the off chance that this innovation functions admirably with giving your clients better esteem, consider adding it to the collection of capacities for your application.

Regular app monitoring

At SwitchSoft after development, we switched to testing mode. Here we ‘Test, test, test and after that over and over.’ in light of the fact that this testing is the thing that spares us commonly from raising issues which at last transform into enormous issues. By persistent testing, we’re ready to recognize existing bugs and fix them in beginning time without making a wreck for the end clients. Alongside bug settling, we can the pinpoint the arrangement breaking things and can refine all functionalities of the application.

UI updates

User interface design trends too update with time which results in need of updating of your app designs too. The interface design that might have been the coolest thing a few years ago likely doesn’t work for the current users. So you have to make sure to understand how to imbibe current UI trends in your app to meet current user needs.

By updating with the most recent UI patterns, you will be prepared to address these difficulties as they emerge. Moreover, as your UI keeps on enhancing, you will have the capacity to make more transformations and increment measurements like client’s lifetime esteem.

UX updates

Along with UI design, UX also changes. Much the same as with UI, user experience changes are also continually evolving. This is as it ought to be, considering that the users you are focusing on will perpetually be advancing and in this way, their progressions will be as well. UX design allows application engineers to make the procedure effortless for the two newcomers and dependable clients.

OS version update

No matter what the platform is, iOS or Android, for each of these Operating system, there will be regular new version updates. While designing an app, developers will make the design for the specific platform, mostly for the current generation version. Whenever a new version OS is released, it is needed to upgrade the app to accommodate changes. If the app is not maintained according to the version updates, soon it will become bygone. Anyhow, new version updates will deliver some interesting features for users and so it is necessary to update mobile applications according to the OS version updates.

Security concerns

When it comes to security, it is significant to seek out all possible loopholes in the mobile applications. In order to address all sorts of security loopholes or vulnerabilities, every kind of application should be updated for all the possible threats.  On the other hand, hackers are devising new techniques to take leverage any existing loopholes. When in case of payment gateway integration we have to safeguard the customers’ critical information against unauthorized access. Regular app maintenance helps in such kind of security concerns.

Change in software programming libraries

Most of the app does not use software libraries or APIs for running their systems, but there are some apps which uses these libraries or APIs and these typical apps have to be updated regularly according to the changes respect to their platforms.

End of the line

Here we figured out the benefits of having regular maintenance for mobile apps. It’s a good idea investing some time and amount in having regular app maintenance and improvements according to the latest technologies and trends. If you want to maintain a competitive edge, then app maintenance is very must.


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