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What makes a facebook post go viral?


As the internet is grown up and Social Media like Facebook has occupied most of the internet space, which means every day there are millions of posts are trolling over Facebook walls and some of them are becoming viral while most of these post are going off. But everyone is intended to make their Facebook post go viral particularly from brands and companies pages. These posts whatever have been viral are engaging with more viewers and audience Which means respective Facebook page and their respective Brands or Companies will come into light. Ultimately these viral posts elevates and projects those brands its products- services to maximal extent.

As these viral posts helps brands and companies to establish their products and services in the market, now each of these brands, companies, organizations, are attempting to make their Facebook post go viral. Well, what does it take to make a Facebook post go viral? The answer is …. It’s not one word answer, it’s not that easy to make a Facebook post go viral. Lets dive deep in and find out.

Facebook  post goes Viral ?

Well, what is  viral post? It means nothing with malware, virus, Trojans etc. Going a Facebook post viral means its a post like photo or video or an anecdote that has drawn a great attention across entire platform and has been liked, commented and shared by spreading widely.

What Make a Facebook post go viral?

We, hear at Switch discovered the insights of making a Facebook post go viral. Actually it’s a very hefty task to make a Facebook post go viral. But its good idea to make viral post on Facebook. As already said that making a Facebook post go viral means to attract great deal  of audience, visitors and moreover to engage & connect with them.

We’ve observed most of the posts that went viral over the entire social network platform and discovered that virality depends on how greatly audience engage with the posts. If the majority of audience engaged with post, it means they are interacted and  connected with the post and so they tend to like, comment, share the post. Ultimately the post goes viral.

The first thing to do while making a Facebook post go viral is choose the right content. Well, what is right content?  

Content matters

These days content is all over the internet not only Facebook. But, content that engages, captivates, espouses audience is always rare. Choose Content that will wow your audience, that will blow their minds, that will persuade them to interact, or that is worth of sharing like valuable message or quote to motivate and inspire the world, content that entertains them, content cheers them, and grasp them but more importantly engages them.

We’ve have seen many of posts which are intended to go viral and so made, but ultimately failed to engage with viewers & audience. It is because most of the posts stays online with less no of likes, comments and share sometimes far more less than expected because of those posts are self centered and might be bad at compelling or engaging with audience & viewers.

Actually this below image was posted from a small Facebook which had less than 1000 fans at that time. Its was not intentionally selected to make it go viral. But it went huge viral when its posted. The thing in the image is when anyone came across the image, it evokes some emotional experiences and the audience felt its worth sharing and finally it went US and other countries as well, but it was first posted in Australia at the time of International midwives day. Here, one thing we understand is that we can’t judge, but the end audience decides its viral or not when they connect to it.

here is another picture shows cute puppy and teddy with the strong compelling lines of text message “How adorable is this! Go ahead and share it”. This post got over 1700 shares and 1879 likes which means viral at the time of posting.


Here is a perfect example of Viral Post which got 11,449 shares ,18,888 likes followed by countless comments. The title for this post is very compelling and gives a call to action – Dare you not to share this. It’s too amazing.

Beside choosing appropriate content for your visitors and audience, still there are some tips to make your post reachable to maximal people.


When it comes to Facebook page posts most of the content creators tend to fail while choosing a good title, because they feel like whatever the content there is images or videos will be enough to attract and speak well about them. But in this social media jargon viewers and visitors has number of posts readily loaded up and this means there is no time to wait for checking entire video content. As a perfect SMM we will plan every post to be as simple as possible without wasting their time, but it should be very engaging as discussed previously. We strongly recommend to select an eye catching title.


Hashtags are just like keywords for searching a specific posts or relevant information over the social media web world. Similarly hashtags are tags used to search for specific content or trending topic of the users choice. Hashtags make your post to reach more audience and thereby it will be going viral.


Even though most people ignore timing while posting, and this is because they are only concerned about content. Well, it’s true that content is king, but at same time it is necessary to ensure that you are posting your page posts on right time. It’s better to get previous data to choose the right time for getting maximal interaction or making viral.If you want to make your post to be reached for more people, then it’s a worthy to use Facebook insights, where you can find when your fans/audience are online. So that it is advisable to post right content in the right time.


Its appropriate to use location

Setting up location for your posts increase your extent of reach to the amount of audience. When someone searches in the Facebook search bar, the results will be displayed on the location basis. The post that are in that particular user location will display. As most of the people know about location, but most of them tend to forget while posting the new post, and so its is utmost important to select appropriated location.


However, making a Facebook post go viral is tough, but still there are some ways and tricks to make sure that post goes viral by choosing proper, appropriate and audience centric content & followed by tips allows you to make your Facebook post go viral.


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