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How to develop a Mobile App with security in mind?


Developing a mobile application and getting approval from the app store or play store is not a problem at all, but developing a Mobile with utmost security is a big deal as mobile app security is creating major issues these days. Because every day new threats and vulnerabilities have been developed by hackers, and everyday companies find themselves racing against the clock to patch them as soon as possible.

Now in this article, here we have figured out some of the tips that ensure the maximum security for your app from potential risks.

Aim security from the ground up

Prevention is better than cure. Similarly, early integration of security insights is much worth than finding solutions after development or app deployment into the store. Most application security defects can be forestalled via consistently incorporating security forms ideal from the inception of app development phase. Arranging out your underlying application outline technique, remembering security constantly, will far decrease the odds of security dangers springing up amid the later phases of application development. Consolidating the correct safety efforts prior to, consequently, spares you much time, cash and exertion, which you may need to contribute later.

Have an Encryption setup

Database encryption is one of the most popular and effective data security methods used by organizations. The main purpose of the data encryption is to safeguard the data and sensitive information on digital platforms. Because in this modern era, most of the valuable data keep online from devices like smartphones, computers etc., Most of today’s online platforms, websites, apps are housing more information than ever on these devices themselves. Of Course, these can help with speedy processing and improved user experience, but at the same time, these devices may ‘leak’ out data sometimes due to some flaws.

So this is the reason why it will be crucial for your application development company to go over an encryption arrangement from the get-go and stick to it.

Segmenting the data is also the best practice to ensure in protecting the customer’s sensitive information like bank accounts username – passwords, credit card numbers, etc., by keeping off the device which apps will collect. While these are just a few steps every developer can take to limit the possibility of leaking valuable information.

Make Identification, authentication and authorization technology mandatory

This combined process of Identification, Authentication, Authorization is very significant especially when it comes to app security and safety of users’ data. Typically this Identification, Authentication, and Authorization is a framework for intelligently controlling access to your app resources, providing necessary information for services in the process of services.

Since as a developer, you have to protect the information coming from servers as well the information coming from the users. By incorporating identification, authorization, and authentication technology practices in place, you can make sure that only users with proper clearance can be using your app and thereby accessing information.

Backend server side and Networks connections

It’s ideal to approach a security and network specialists. The specialists who are experts in securing and protecting your connections and back-end systems by conducting penetration testing and vulnerability assessments in your network followed by finding the possible threats and thus protects in right and acceptable ways.

Securing API

To the great extent securing the application is securing the API because mobile apps developments hinges squarely on API’s and this is because of the reasons most of the apps use third party or someone else API for the app functionality and services.

If any of your apps relies on other third-party APIs, whether for functionality or services, then you must aware that your app is relying completely on their code. So you have to ensure that the APIs you app uses only provide access to the parts of your app which is compulsory for minimizing the vulnerability and risks.

Patch your app ASAP

Event after launching your app into app store is not the end, in fact its the beginning. You’re not done, because typically for any app bugs will arise without any notification, based on the user feedback making it necessary for developers constantly to monitor and test the app over and over and then again and again.

Since the hackers always focus on apps that don’t release security updates and fixes frequently and target them. If you’re not releasing security patches often, then your app security is at risk.

But the thing is that patches can regularly take time to reach users. So it is advisable to be on the top of new security updates and so patch your application as soon as possible.


App Testing is the last line of defense. If you can’t make sure, that your app is secure, then it is better not to upload on to the app store, because you will be putting all of your users at risk. So it’s better not to rush release the app until you properly tested it. You have to test every inlet for security issues including the hardware protocols like camera, GPS, sensors, and even the platform itself. As no app is safe from the attacks and viruses and malware, but rigorous testing is the only flair that achieves better safety from most threats and attacks. This is why at Switch, we do testing, testing and then over and over.

It is advisable for the testing team better to be in tandem with security team at this phase of testing before launching app into the app store.




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