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What makes a facebook post go viral?

  As the internet is grown up and Social Media like Facebook has occupied most of the internet space, which means every day there are millions of posts are trolling over Facebook walls and some of them are becoming viral while most of these post are going off. But everyone is intended to make their […]

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How to develop a Mobile App with security in mind?

  Developing a mobile application and getting approval from the app store or play store is not a problem at all, but developing a Mobile with utmost security is a big deal as mobile app security is creating major issues these days. Because every day new threats and vulnerabilities have been developed by hackers, and […]

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How to Optimize your E-Commerce Mobile app?

  These days mobile apps are the best means to engage with your customers and take your business to next level. But sometimes you’ve got to understand that no matter how great your E-commerce app is, you can’t control customers decisions 100%. It’s soo frustrating. However, Developing an E-Commerce doesn’t mean the end of task for […]

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Is that necessary to get regular maintenance for your app?

  Have you deployed your developed app into the store? So whats next? Developing an application and deploying it into the store doesn’t mean the end of the deal, it’s just the beginning of the really big things. After completion of your app development, the next thing you probably have to do is head back […]

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Essential Features of On-Demand Food Delivering app

  Switch has helped many clients and business associates with its digital solutions for their On-Demand Business apps like LAUNDRY KART: HYPER LOCAL SERVICES APP, GREYTICKET: TROLLEY, TRANSPORTATION & DELIVERY APP, OOVEN: FOOD DELIVERY SERVICE & RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT APP etc. And made a significant mark over our client’s business. We came up with a solution […]

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